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Parents are always asking us how to monitor the safety of their children online. Combine that with social media, and it can be really overwhelming for parents to know how to educate their kids while still keeping track of their activity.

Here are the 5 most important things parents should make sure their children know before sending them off to surf the web:

1.   The Internet remembers everything we post on it, forever.

2.   Once we post something online, we can never take it back.

3.   The Internet will share everything we tell it with anyone who asks, even if they are not our friends

4.   It’s always okay to talk to an adult about something bad on the Internet.

5.   Not everyone online is a friend, or who they say they are.




Apple Watches are great for mom’s, these smartwatches can assist with their entire lives.  Apple Watch is perfect for keeping track of appointments, daily tasks, your fitness and being able to multi-task – all things mother’s need to be experts in. 

See how these Apple product’s can help you and your family:

Apple Watch (Demo) – 42mm Stainless Steel (Silver) = R12 000.00

Apple Watch (Demo) – 38mm Sport (Black) = R5500.00


Google Calendar App is a nifty tool to juggle multiple family calendars.  It syncs up to all your family members and there is a quick Schedule View that lets you quickly see your schedule using photos and maps of the places you are going.

This App is FREE on iTunes and Android, go get easily organized!


Power Banks should be a ‘mom necessity’.  You never want to find yourself in a position where your phone is about to die and there is an emergency.  Power banks are small and effective and have the power to fully charge your smartphone or tablet incase of an emergency. 

We have pocket-sized white, black and pink power banks which can be yours with any purchase for an additional R50.00.


iPad’s & Tablets – with today’s schooling requirements, these devices are a common household commodity.  We love the idea that all schooling is moving towards E-Learning, which is scalable, effective and extremely helpful in the outskirts of our country.  However, we also can assume that these devices have a tendency to get damaged easily or even go missing in the hands of our children, and we know how costly this can be.

Look no further – we are selling Demo and Pre-Owned iPad’s, Samsung Tablets, LG G-Pad’s, Mobicel Echo’s – you name it, we’ve got it. 

We recommend the LG G-Pad's, they are sleek, affordable, up to standards with the high end tablet's and come with a free cover for only R1350.00

We also offer extended warranties which acts as cover for an entire year on your device, ask our sales rep at for more info regarding our extended warranties.


We would love to give you a great family deal this Mother’s Day regarding our Tablet Deals on

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all our TechMom’s, have a fantastic weekend.


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