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Our immediate thoughts - Samsung's Gear Fit 2 sews up the shortcomings of the original Gear Fit. It works on any Android phone, as long as you have KitKat (4.4) or above. The previous version only tethered to Samsung-branded phones.

The final retail device is set to release on June 10.

The Design Gear Fit 2 keeps the general aesthetic of the original, but reworks some of the finer details to make it easier to use.  Paramount to the Fit's design ID is the curved screen. It's back and vibrant as ever, although slightly reshaped. The rectangular display is now thicker, offering more screen real estate for fitting in additional information. That means extra words in a notification, a more robust media player, and a full map of your run provided by the built-in GPS function.

Additionally, the bezel surrounding the display has been reduced, as has the shiny, slightly jagged visual elements of the Gear Fit. These subtle refinements may result in the Gear Fit 2 looking a bit less unique when compared with competitors.

Flipped over, the heart rate monitor comes into view.  If you're into the nitty gritty of how this particular wrist-based heart rate tracking works, the method is a two-dollar word called photoplethysmography.  Just like many other wearables, including the Apple Watch and Microsoft Band 2, the Gear Fit 2 uses infrared light blasters and green LEDs to track the rate of blood flow.

One of the biggest design improvements over the original Gear Fit is the wireless charging. We hate carrying more cables around than is absolutely necessary, so the fact that Samsung's 2014 wearable needed a proprietary connector was a bummer. Now, the Gear Fit 2 can gulp down electricity through inductive charging.

The Gear Fit 2 is water resistant, just like the Galaxy S7.

Much like the first Gear Fit, the Gear Fit 2 funnels notifications in from your smartphone. But this one lets you use your voice to respond to text messages and calls. We'll have to wait for a review unit to see just how deep the voice functionality is entwined within the wrist-based version of Tizen.

With regards to fitness, the Samsung has addressed both of those issues in the latest Gear Fit. The Tizen OS offers a bunch of thoughtful adjustments to how workouts are tracked, including an auto-tracking function that we're excited to spend more time with. Additionally, the added GPS functionality aims to boost tracking accuracy, which you can take advantage of without bringing your phone along.

The Gear Fit 2 aims for a 3-4 day long battery life.

If you've been paying attention to Samsung's wearables over the past few years, the Gear Fit 2 will stand out immediately as an improvement over 2014's Gear Fit.

The added compatibility with Android phones, GPS functionality, and wireless charging are but a few of the worthwhile additions to Samsung's Gear Fit 2.

Compared to other similarly priced wearables, the Gear Fit 2 looks to show them a thing or two about value and performance.


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