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The camera is probably the biggest hardware upgrade in terms of its low-light capability, and combined with the water-resistant nature of the iPhone 7 it's perfect for when you want to capture and store favourable memories with friends and family or just the scenery or are just obsessed with taking snaps of pets, I am pretty sure, it will make you feel like a professional photographer.

The water resistance gives confidence in heftiness of the device. Nothing is more soothing than knowing you don’t have to be cautious when handling your device min the shower or while swimming hahaha. While you at it, you may now just listen to your music while showering and/ or doing any water activity at ease. Only the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are water-resistant, but Apple hasn't made a fully waterproof iPhone. So it's making it easier to avoid potential water damage with the iOS 10 update.


Now, let’s talk software. The Apple's new iOS10 is one of the best the Apple entity has constructed, it’s impressive to say the least- and absolutely free to download. 

It will be an excellent upgrade as it has improved all that was, that is pivotal to a device and kept it simple in design yet sophisticated as Apple is legendary for. 


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