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With the exception of the iPhone 7, the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 - or Galaxy Note 7 as it's now rumoured to be called - is probably the most highly anticipated phone to still be released this year and it could have a big new feature.

This exciting feature is the iris scanning, and there's a growing amount of evidence to suggest we'll see it on the new phone.

A leaked screenshot, supposedly taken using beta software made available through the Samsung Galaxy Beta Program, shows a pop-up asking for a fingerprint, but the bottom right option translates to 'use iris', according to GSM Arena.

Normally we wouldn't assign too much truth to this, as a bit of text is the easiest thing in the world to Photoshop, but we know Samsung has iris scanning technology. It has trademarked the terms 'Samsung Iris' and 'Samsung Eyeprint' and more recently even packed the technology into the Samsung Galaxy Tab Iris, which is available in India.

This Galaxy Tab Iris not a consumer device, as it's designed for use by government and enterprises, but it’s hard to imagine that Samsung would limit such an exciting feature to that segment of the market, and besides, the dimensions of this screenshot are those of a smartphone, not a tablet.

This still doesn't confirm that we'll get an iris scanner in the Galaxy Note 7, but it would make sense. It seems like Samsung's take on the technology must be more or less ready if it's already featured on an existing device, and the company tends to pack new and cutting edge features into its Note flagships.

If the new Note does have an iris scanner then it could be a hugely exciting handset, as it's also rumoured to have a huge 4200mAh battery, a cutting-edge Snapdragon 823 processor and 6GB of RAM. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but all will likely to be revealed in early August. Watch this space - we’ll keep you updated!


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