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In todays fast paced and innovative world it is often hard to find what defines you from others especially in the business world. TechTrader defines itself with the following value propositions.


1.)   Excellent customer service.

2.)   Proudly South African

3.)   Demo & Pre-Owned devices that are tested, certified and come with a warranty.

4.)   Assisting with recycling mobile phones with buy-backs, trade-ins and disposing of the devices correctly.


Currently, there are hundreds of millions of unwanted mobile phones hiding in people’s drawers, cupboards and garages across the world.

TechTrader is offering you the opportunity to sell us your old phones to either make some extra cash for the month or to do a trade-in.  Trading-in your phone is really simple, we test the device, you are offered an amount for it and then you are given a 5% discount on your new purchase.   

With TechTrader’s buy-back and trade-in policy you are able to indulge in your love affair for Apple products, sell us you iPhone 5S and buy the new iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus with a 5% discount.  Recently we have had a lot of customers trading-in their old devices for a the Samsung S6 or BlackBerry Z10.

(Please note that we are currently on the hunt to buy iPad’s and tablets and would love to see what you have to offer us!)

We know that we are doing our part by recycling phone’s and helping people buy affordable, certified and quality demo and pre-owned devices.  We just wanted to share with you some facts about the mobile phone industry, how it is contributing to global warming and how you can play your part in reducing this problem.

What is the impact of mobiles on the planet?

Mobiles are made from many non-renewable materials which have been extracted from the earth - such as metals, plastics, glass and ceramics. These resources are precious and only exist in finite quantities, it is therefore important to conserve them, as well as limit further use.

How can we achieve this? Well, it is actually pretty simple. Instead of leaving old mobiles to rattle around in drawers and cupboards, we need to recycle them.


Did you know…

·       Over 90% of the materials used in mobiles and accessories can be recovered.

·       These materials can be used to make everything from stainless steel to plastic fence posts.

·       Mobile phones are not biodegradable and should never be thrown out.  They contain some materials that can potentially harm the environment if not handled correctly at the end of a phone's useful life.

·       Recycling 50,000 devices can remove the need to mine 110 tonnes of gold ore, 213 tonnes of silver bearing ore or 11 tonnes of copper sulphide ore.

·       For every tonne of mobile phone materials recovered 10 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions are avoided.


When you recycle or trade-in your old phones and accessories with TechTrader you'll be:

1.)   Making some extra cash.

2.)   Protecting our precious environment.

3.)   Saving scare natural resources.

4.)   Avoiding future greenhouse gases


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