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The iPad is a game changer for meeting educational objectives and has features that can address the specific contextual challenges facing our educational communities. Through exposure to interactive apps, it has been proven that students become more motivated, engaged and independent in their learning, leading to enhanced performance in the classroom.

iPads are currently being used in over 140 primary and secondary schools in South Africa, across all 9 provinces ‑ including rural and township schools.

Organisations such as the iSchoolAfrica iPad Learning Programme are bringing E-Learning and mobile education to the forefront in South Africa. 

iSchool Africa is introducing teachers and students to technology that ignites enthusiasm for teaching and learning. They state that within a short period of time, results are evident. Research shows increased motivation, engagement, discipline and student performance. The technology allows the student to become independent in their learning and provides personalised content for students’ skill levels, interests and needs.

Did you know that ZA books offers access to over 2500 SA text book titles in a format compatible for iPad?  In this way school text books can be preloaded onto the iPads before deployed in the classroom. Please visit

At TechTrader we offer an affordable option for you to assist your child with an extremely important learning tool.  We have a variety of iPad’s and Tablet’s that work with either iOS or Windows/Android that come with a warranty and many of them with covers.

Here are some great deals:

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Please note that we can create family deals and source covers and tempered glass screen protectors for you and your family.

We are currently running a competition whereby you can WIN AN iPAD – all you need to do is enter on Facebook.

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