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For the last 3 years, Nokia has been focusing on and developments have been occuring in their networking department.  

The exciting news is that we have heard some rumors that Nokia mobiles will come with 5G technology!  Nokia always stays on top of the game with mobile specification, camera results, battery timing and now Nokia is going to reclaim its position by hopefully having the best Internet technology in the world.

5G is the up and coming wireless fifth-generation technology - consisting of extremely high speed, more so than any other wireless connectivity (3G and 4G).  5G works with 5Ghz signal and will offer speed up to 1GB/sec for tens of MB/s for tens of thousands of connections. 

As most of us in South Africa know, 4G is still not accessible all around the world.  However, with the development of 5G, this connectivity should soon be on all mobile devices and will hopefully be consistently accessible throughout the world.

Nokia is said to soon announce its mobile smartphones to the public and in the market.  Although 5G technology is not scheduled for launch until 2020, they say that it is not impossible to make this technology - let's hope it comes ASAP.

Last year Li-Fi was also launched, a wireless optical networking technology that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for data transmission.  Li-Fi will be utilised on iPhone 7's, which means that Nokia will have to focus on launching 5G as soon as possible because once again, both of these companies are front and centre.

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